Clash of Clans update: New Capital District, Capital League and More

With a December update, the Clash of Clans recently confirmed a new Capital District and now the name has been revealed. The new Capital District will be named Skeleton Park. Along with the district, the game has introduced new in-game mechanisms like Capital Player House customization, Inferno Dragons in clan capital, a new Graveyard spell, … Read more

Wild Rift patch 3.5A official notes: One For All mode, new event and more

Wild Rift releases 3.5a patch notes League of Legends: Wild Rift’s 3.5A update has arrived, featuring a lot of game changes, balance updates, gameplay changes for items, accessories, skins, and much more. There are various tweaks included by Riot Games in patch 3.5A. Here are some of the main highlights of Patch 3.5a. Wild Rift … Read more