Clash Royale Balance Changes October 2022

Clash Royale Balance Update (Image via Clash Royale) Clash Royale Balance Changes for October 2022 are out. All the changes would be applied after the maintenance break after the 4th of October. Usually, balance changes are meant to fix the common errors and maintain a balance between the Clash Royale ecosystem. It includes health, hitpoints, … Read more

Clash Royale introduces Super Mini PEKKA Challenge

Clash Royale: Super PEKKA Challenge (Image via Supercell)

Super Mini PEKKA Challenge is ready to play in Clash Royale. Turn enemies into Pancakes by defeating them in the Fear the Pancakes event in the arena.

Clash Royale introduces Super Mini PEKKA Challenge

Super Mini PEKKA is one of the best cards the player ensures they include into the deck. Players will be rewarded with Pancakes every time an enemy is slashed while great and rare chests await them after victory.

How to participate in Super Mini PEKKA Challenge for pancakes

This event works the same way as other challenges. Using the event section, players can access this event. In order to participate, users should have minimum criteria of level met.

  1. Win battles in several strikes
  2. Keep on winning battles without 3 losses overall
  3. Gain rewards for each victory
  4. Claim pancakes and rewards after successful completion of this event

Here are the Best Decks for Super Mini PEKKA Challenge

In order to win and collect all the rewards, it is necessary to choose decks wisely for the best outcomes. To win this challenge, here are some of the best decks which are balanced and lead towards victory.

  • Ballon (epic)
  • Fireball (rare)
  • Lava Hound (legendary)
  • Mega Minion (rare)
  • Mini PEKKA (rare)
  • Minions (common)
  • Royal Delivery (common)
  • Zap Common (common)

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