Wild Rift patch 3.5A official notes: One For All mode, new event and more



Wild Rift releases 3.5a patch notes

League of Legends: Wild Rift’s 3.5A update has arrived, featuring a lot of game changes, balance updates, gameplay changes for items, accessories, skins, and much more.

There are various tweaks included by Riot Games in patch 3.5A. Here are some of the main highlights of Patch 3.5a.

Wild Rift patch 3.5A official notes

End of One For All Game mode

One For All was a limited-time game mode made available for 5v5 matches. Recent, patch notes mention the game mode will end on 14th December.

Croma Crash event to begin

An end of one thing gave rise to another. The end of One For All mode will see the beginning of the Croma Crash event on 8th December.

Changes to the powers of Champions

To continue balancing the board, Riot introduced minor changes to the powers of almost all the Champions making some of them slightly powerful while less for some.

Aatrox has seen a reduction in its powers regarding speed, monster damage, cooldown, and healing strength.

Darius has seen an increase in its Hemorrhage powers, which now deal 200% dmg to monsters

Diana has already gone through changes but was inefficient. Therefore, this patch has given additional strength to her health and reduction in the cooldown period.

Fizz has added Trickster powers, which deal extra damage in his main spell.

Even though recent changes favored Graves, the esteemed changes too have increased Grave’s powers of speed and monster mod.

Gwen’s early dueling powers have decreased with the addition of the cooldown. In the same way, more of the champions have changed themselves in this patch.

Increased cost for Navori Quickblade

As the Navori Quickblade is immensely powerful when equipped in the first slot, the demand for it increases. The patch 3.5a has increased its price from 2,800g to 3,000g.

The arrival of new skins

New skins in Wild Rift

The long-awaited cosplay is here. Beautiful and eye-pleasing skins for Croma Crash Samira, Jinx, and Ekko have been introduced. These all skins will be released on 8th December.

As the official notes for patch 3.5a have arrived, the features are revealed. Still, there are 7 days to go to see them in a virtual world.

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