Hello Neighbour 2: How to find all 3 dolls?

Hello Neighbour 2

Sometimes Hello Neighbour 2 can prove to be a little itchy, as the puzzles embedded here are tricky. Each level of the game is stuffed with unique and professional AI, which demands us to stretch our investigative skills.

To outsmart Artificial Intelligence could be the single motive to proceed in Hello Neighbour 2. Last time the players were unable to find scissors in house tree puzzles, and now the location of three small dolls.

How to find all three dolls?

Girl Doll location

The Girl Doll can be found in the blue-coloured house across the street beside the red tree. After entering the house, there will be a small toy house and a red box behind the toys. Open the red box, and claim the Girl Doll.

Neighbour Doll location

The neighbour doll is in the same house, so no need to leave it. There is the cupboard coloured with red and blue colours. The neighbour doll is just above it. But the doll can’t be claimed from here.

So, enter the room exactly behind the cupboard. There too will be the same closet, climb it and open the window locker, and get her. The side of the place where you claimed the doll has the map for the next doll.

Baby Doll location

Hello Neighbour 2 map
Image via Game Guide Channel

Take a good look at the map and enter the blue house from the front door. Keep on walking to the stairs. There will be a code locker on the right-hand side of the stairs. Players might have already known the code, and the code is N O T.

Hello Neighbour 2 is a sequel to a 2017 released horror survival game. High intelligence is the sole clamour of the game, required to accomplish all needed. The guide here is based on the early access for Hello Neighbour 2. The official release date for Hello Neighbour 2 is 6 December 2022.

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