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Hello Neighbor 2: Where to find keys for 4 locks



Hello Neighbor 2

The story for Hello Neighbour 2 goes on when our protagonist wakes up and sees a police van alarming and pointing at the blue house. To get into the door, all 4 locks demand special keys for each one. Sadly, the keys must be collected to unlock them.

There are four keys to open the door, and while searching for them, ensure not being seen by any policemen. Players can hide and wait until the police pass by.

Hello Neighbor 2: Where to find all 4 keys in Mr. Peterson’s House?

Hello Neighbor 2

In order to get the keys, there are four different puzzles to solve. Likewise, finding all 3 dolls and securing a key, finding a key from the office, getting a key from the garland, and the final one from the beach.

First key

Once all the dolls are in inventory, time to place them on the house and secure a key. The code of the locker is N O T.

Second Key

Finding dolls has already been mentioned, the following key is from Garland. Players are advised to follow the cubes and colors. In order to open the case, players will need to memorize the numbers on the cube as per the order of colors; Red – Blue – Green – Orange. And in the same order, the number written on them are 1 – 9 – 8 – 4. This is the code for the safety case.

Third Key

Now, to get another key, players will need to know how to get scissors in Hello Neighbor 2. Once claimed, get into the Peterson’s House, continue walking to the stairs, and cut the police ropes with scissors. There will be a drawer case on the wall, open it and claim the filming device.

Keep on walking to the right side, and cut the police tapes from the cupboard. There will be one photo. Now, we have claimed just a photo out of four, and three more to go. Stick this photo in a frame in the adjacent room.

One photo will be there from the beginning, and another one is on the grass at piece-case. In the same room, there is a dumbbell on the wall case, cut the webs using scissors and take it. Use it as the weight at the second room on the slab to open the door. There will be another photo. And just beside, there is a pillow holding a photo in, use scissors to cut it.

When four of the photos are placed, a drawer will pop out with a key in it.

Fourth Key

In the bedroom, there will be a lever to open a door. Get it and place it on the door next to it. One door will open while one will close. Now there will be a green device, having spiderwebs on it. Use scissors and get a battery from the device.

Place the battery on the lever in the room of the pillow. Push the lever, and a car will go under the bed, and Pulling it will come car with a key on it.

This is how all four keys can be claimed with ease. Use them to open the door and players will access the basement. And players will be shown a cut scene.

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