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Clash of Clans update: New Capital District, Capital League and More



Clash of Clans new capital district: Skeleton Park

With a December update, the Clash of Clans recently confirmed a new Capital District and now the name has been revealed. The new Capital District will be named Skeleton Park.

Along with the district, the game has introduced new in-game mechanisms like Capital Player House customization, Inferno Dragons in clan capital, a new Graveyard spell, a Mini-minion hive, and a reflector.

Clash of Clans new update: Capital League, Player Housing, and More

New Capital District: Skeleton Park

Skeleton Park is a brand new district available in Clan Capital level 8. Once the clan manages to unlock the district, the clan will have access to the new building Reflector, new troop Inferno Dragon, and other mechanisms as well.

Inferno Dragon in Clan Capital

For the first time, Inferno Dragon will be making its debut in clan capital layouts. Same as the Inferno Dragon from Home Village, it will keep on increasing its damage with time.

  • Favorite target: Any
  • Damage type: Single target (increases over time)
  • Targets: Ground and Air
  • Housing space: 15 
  • Movement speed: 13

A brand new spell: Graveyard Spell

The graveyard spell is another addition in the update, which allows troops to keep on destructing enemy bases even after dying.

But how? Actually, it summons the skeletons each time a troop dies inside the sphere of a spell. The number of summons of skeletons is based on the housing space of troop.

As per the game, it summons 1 skeleton for 3 housing spaces. Another interesting thing here is if the troop is an air unit, then the summon will be a flying skeleton.

Graveyard Spell:

  • Housing space: 2
  • Duration: 2 raid attacks
  • Targets: Ground Air

Mini Minion Hive

Mini Minion Hive is one of the two new defenses unlocked with Clan Capital DIstrict level 8; Skeleton Park. The Mini-Minion Hive sends the mini-minions that attack the attacker troops within range.

Features of Mini-Minion Hive:

  • Burst fire: 12 shots
  • Range: 14 tiles
  • Damage type: Single target
  • Targets: Ground and Air
  • Favorite target: Any

The Reflector

Same as its name, the deflector will send the attacks of troops back to them. It will have no power of its own. The idea of the reflector seems to be unique in the essence of the game, as some of the troops in clan capital have very high damage per second (DPS).

  • Range: 10 tiles
  • Damage type: Single target
  • Targets: Ground and Air
  • Favorite target: Any

Capital Player House

In the new update, each player will be given a personalized Capital House that will be situated in Capital Peak. The players can customize the house of their free will.

Players will be given a separate house as players join the clan, leaving the clan will empty the slot. And players can change the look of the house like walls, roof, doors, etc.

A new addition to Capital raids: Capital League

Clash of Clans has added a new mechanism to capital raids, which will be a new ranking system. The clan will be granted Capital Trophies after weekend raids, the number of trophies will decide the league of the Clan.

In addition, the clan profile will now display some more details about the Clan Capital: 

  • Capital League
  • Capital Trophies
  • Capital Hall level
  • Capital upgrade count

The newly mentioned game seems to be very handy once got used to it. Clasher will surely love the update, but some might find it annoying to customize a separate clan house. Players might divert their donation of clan medals towards their own houses rather than the clan capital districts.

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