COD Modern Warfare 2 confirmed to bring ranked play mode in 2023

Call of duty modern warfare 2
modern warfare 2

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 has been released with massive support from players. It is estimated to sell $800 million worth of copies within the first 3 days of release making it the #1 cod launch of all time. But official news from Activision states that Ranked play will make its way in 2023. There are very unlikely possibilities of heading in the upcoming months. The next ranked play update will have minor and some major changes in UI and graphics.

COD MW2 Ranked Play to arrive in 2023

Cod modern Warfare 2 developer and partner Treyarch made the official announcement of the arrival of extensive and competitive mode in the upcoming ranked mode. It looks like players are confused and angry over the news that players who have already completed and made a successful walkthrough of the campaign would have no choice but to try the same thing again while waiting for ranked play mode

#CONFIRMED: Ranked Play arrives on #ModernWarfare2 in 2023, and we’re working with our partners to deliver:

Competitive Modes ✅
Ranked Skill Divisions ✅
Visible Skill Ratings ✅
Top 250 Leaderboard ✅
Competitive Rewards ✅

More details to come!

— Treyarch Studios (@Treyarch) November 2, 2022

COD MW2 fans can expect new game modes along with 250 leaderboards of ranking and making it to top for various rewards. A new feature of skill rating will be visible and the rest other features will be soon revealed.

Moving aside of Modern Warfare 2, Treyarch gave a little sneak peek and kind of idea of discontinuing of other game modes like cold war league play and Vanguard ranked mode in the Black Ops game. Everything to happen after 22 November 2022.

COD Modern Warfare 2 Glitches

God Mode Glitch

Developers decided to revamp UI and work on fixing glitches faced. Some of the glitches include god mode invincibility glitch that makes players extra benefits for swiping out other players. Invincibility glitch. Taking advantage needs full control over god mode making it invisible against the enemy. Be sure to try out before it gets too old or fixed.

Weapon Level-up Glitch

Another glitch recently flooded the modern Warfare 2 community is related to level-up of weapons quickly using tank glitch. This allows players to trick the game into leveling most of the weapons without actually using or making significant task. The only requirement is to have level 4 of custom loadout features.

More interesting news will be coming on NewserWorld Gaming as fans notice and find out surprising and minute details of game. Moreover lots of love and attention has been provided by players as well as viewer community. Have you learned to enable or disable center dot in cod mw2 as it is crucial in taking down enemies.

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