Bayonetta 3: New weapon designs

Umbran Studies - weapon design
Umbran Studies – weapon design (Bayonetta)

Bayonetta 3, an action-adventure game developed by Platinum Games, has released some exclusive weapons designs and looks versatile when in use. Muneyuki Kotegawa is a weapon designer at Bayonetta 3 and will introduce these weapons soon. Bayonetta 3 has already shared an exclusive wallpaper for Bayonetta 3, and weapons are a new addition to the list.

New weapons in Bayonetta 3

Color my World

Color my world
Color my world weapon Bayonetta

Color my world is a signature gun, which Bayonetta will be using. Developers have equipped Bayonetta 3 with some of antique firearms, Color my world is one of them.


G-Pillar Bayonetta

When Bayonetta looks at G-Pillar weapon, it looks like Inferno Demon is modified into a gun. The open mouth of the gun will enable her to perform a bite attack.

Ignis Araneae Yo-Yo

Ignis Araneae Yo Yo
Ignis Araneae Yo Yo Bayonetta

Ignis Araneae can be described as a set of weapons, attached to ankles and arms. The blades, spines, and venomous-looking stings can be used against enemies for better destruction.

Dead-End Express

Dead-End Express
Dead End Express (Bayonetta)

Dead End Express, is a gigantic weapon holding the ability to destruct everything that is obstructing the way. Best choice for those who like to use heavy weapons. The designer mentioned that it is likely to turn into a vehicle as well.

There are a lot more weapons and infernal demons coming up ahead, a good start to fit everyone’s choice. Weapons like Ribbit Libido and Simoon too look great, bounding to Infernal Dragons Malphas. The designs really feed as expected from Bayonetta 3, more designs are coming ahead.

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