New Defences, Troops, and Pets in Town Hall 15

Town Hall 15 (Image via Judo Sloth Gaming)

Supercell has officially confirmed Town Hall 15 as its next update. Just after the introduction of Clan Capital, Clash of Clans is on its way to set Town Hall 15 in motion.

Initially, the players will need to upgrade Town Hall 14 to level 15, which will cost 18000000 coins and 15 days of build time. Even though some speculations mention Town Hall 15 to be a Giga Artillery, unfortunately, it is Giga Inferno itself.

Supercell keeps on releasing some sneak peeks to entertain its users, there might be interesting themes ahead.

Town Hall 15 Defense

Town Hall 15 new defenses (Image via Judo Sloth Gaming)

As some of the biggest Clash of Clans gamers have early access to the beta updates, they have shared videos depicting how the defenses, troops, and pets will be.

Town Hall 15 attacks in the same way as previous, but the colorful shades give attacks a beautiful touch. In addition to the effects, the destroyed town hall will have a new poison animation. The same poison animation is likely to be settled with Town Hall 14.

Defense List getting Level 15 upgrade

New Defense List

Some brand new defenses will be released with Town Hall 15, in which you can use spells on troops as a defense.


There will be no doubt to say the defense will be super strong with indulging the Monolith. Monolith deals heavy damage of 150 at level 1. And along with it, it will deal percentage wise damage to the troop’s health. But the Monolith is single targeted, which can be destroyed with a bunch of troops.

Monolith is the only defense feeding on Dark Elixier, while a upgrade costing 360,000.

Spell Towers

Town Hall 15 has introduced an exclusive defense called Spell Tower. The defense will be two in numbers, costing 14 million gold and 14 days build time. Spell Tower is a rage spell tower at level 1, which can be upgraded to next levels. Upgridng the spell tower will unlock new spell in itself.

At level 2, spell tower will be unlocking poison spell. And at level 3, the invisibility spell will be in handy. Players can choose between this three spells.

The rage spell towers will have an effect radius, which will rage-up the defenses in its circle. The defenses will be raged for 18 seconds, and 50 seconds is recharging period of spell tower.

New Pets for Town Hall 15

New pets Town Hall 15 (Image via Judo Sloth)

Four new pets are in its route to shoot in game after Town Hall 15 upgrade. This is the event that will change the whole course of attacking strategy.

Upgradig pet house to level 5 will unlcok Frosty Pet, with Frostybites as a special power. Level 6 upgrade will set Diggy Pet on, with stunning ablity. Level 7 of Pet house is Poison Lizzard, with throwing poison at clan castle troops and heroes.


Main benefit of the frosty is it bursting frostybites (same as yetibites), plus slowing down defense. Frostbites are defense lovers, but when Town Hall is activated, they will be redirect to TH.


Diggy is s fast and elastic pet that is similar to miner, but way too powerful. When it attacks the defenses, it will stun them for a while, giving heroes better chances to swipe.

Poison Lizzard

Posin Lizzard can be the strongest pet, dealing a huge amount of damage to buildings and enemy heroes. The poison attack will slow down process of enemy heroes, with high DPS.

New Troops

Though there has not been any sneak peak or news regarding new troops, but some reveals the new troops named Electro Titan. As not much known, it remains a secret for now.

As the clash of clans will be launching Town Hall 14, along with new troops, defenses, and even pets, there are slight chances that an new machine will be introduced. It is just an assumption, and reality is yet to come.

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