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Clash Royale Balance Changes October 2022



Clash Royale Balance Update
Clash Royale Balance Update (Image via Clash Royale)

Clash Royale Balance Changes for October 2022 are out. All the changes would be applied after the maintenance break after the 4th of October. Usually, balance changes are meant to fix the common errors and maintain a balance between the Clash Royale ecosystem. It includes health, hitpoints, damage per second, attack speed, defense strength, and many more.

Clash Royale Balance Changes October 2022

Supercell, a parent company of Clash Royale brings out changes every month to keep players happy as well as continue the competitive nature of the game. At this time, improvements have been made to Goblin Gang, Cannon, Elixir Golem, Cannon Cart, Royal Hogs, Mortar, Mighty Mortar, and Barbarian Hut.

Goblin Gang

It’s been five years since one of the Goblins left the goblin gang. As an improvement, the spear goblin count has been increased from 2 to 3 leading to an increase in the power of this unit.

Elixir Golem

Golem is one of the defensive as well as the attacking unit. Once it loses its hit points, it splits into Elixir Golemite. All the species such as Elixir Golem, Elixir Golemite, and Elixir Blob have strengthened themselves with 15% more attack speed.


Cannon is present not only in Clash Royale but also Clash of Clans. It is one of the major parts of the whole Supercell community as they love it the most. Hitpoints have been decreased by 8% for cannon.

Cannon Cart

Cannon Cart is an attacking card making significant damage to clan capital. Once destroyed, the cannon cart has extra life for a few seconds. The hitpoints of this extra life have been lowered by 8%.

Royal Hogs

Royal Hogs are one of the beloved and effective cards and are probably found in the card decks of most players. Sad news for those guys, Royal Hogs has now 60% lower damage on its first attack compared previous one.

Mighty Miner

Might Miner is an extended and powerful version of a miner. There is an 8% decrement seen with its power or hitpoints.


Mortar attacks with area splash led to massive damage to the skeleton and small troops. Its shot has been controlled to 8% less for a better attacking experience.

Barbarian Hut

Barbarian Hut is the most affected card on deck by this October 2022 balance changes update. Elixir cost was reduced from 7 to 6. While spawn speed has increased from 11 to 15 seconds. Lifetime and durability decreased from 40 to 30 seconds. Also spawn on death and total barbarian also affected much.

These are all the updates that took place in Clash Royale. These changes would be soon available to play after the maintenance break is brought. Keep clashing and stay updated with our news.

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