Boom Beach Frontlines October 2022 balance update

Boom Beach Frontlines
Boom Beach Frontlines (Image via Supercell)

Boom Beach Frontlines has announced the upcoming balance update 0.10.0 in October. The update is ought to see some balance changes, new cards, and much more.

As of this update, supercell has decided to increase the maximum player level to 60 from 56. Players will be able to sense new cards, and also some of the new islands to be acquired.

Boom Beach October update: New Cards

  • Laser Tank
  • Critter Pods
  • Critter Launcher

Boom Beach October Update 2022 Update: Balance Changes

  • Rumble Bay and No Man’s Land map to have four vehicles
  • The boost effect increases to 5 seconds
  • Level 11 bots will face only players with level 58
Players are eager to have these balance changes installed on the beach, as some of the bugs have disturbed the gaming experience. These balance changes will fix them.

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