Black Adam is finally ready to make MultiVersus Debut

Black Adam
Image via Warner Bros Games

Black Adam is all set to enter the verse of MultiVersus. Even though there was a slight setback, Black Adam will be finally out on October 31.

Black Adam – a Bruiser will be out on October 31

Black Adam is a Bruiser in MultiVersus, Bruisers are frontline fighters in MultiVersus which includes Batman, Shaggy, and LeBron James. As these fighters have high hit-points resilience, they are good at leading for taking damage in the front place.

Born out of rage, now printed on a trading card. 😏 Black Adam takes over #MultiVersus on Monday!

— MultiVersus (@multiversus) October 28, 2022

Powers of Black Adam

All the Bruisers have embedded with different powers, Black Adam is given thunder power, giving him a powerful character place. Thunder powers are like shock effects, making deadly appearances.

Although the powers are known, the gameplay still remains in darkness. WB Games have not released any teaser, trailer, or Black Adam’s cosplay or gameplay. As the Black Adam will make its presence in MultiVersus, it won’t be a long awaiting.

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