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Apex Legends Broken Moon, Catalyst, Season 15, and more



Apex Legends new map
Apex Legends new map (Image via EA)

Apex Legends unexpected releases New Map called Broken Moon along with a New legend Catalyst and cybernetic Battle pass with upcoming season 15 in the eclipse launch trailer. More amazing features are awaiting with season 15 patch notes.

Apex Legends Broken Moon Map

Each update is remarkable, this one brings Broken Moon which is a stellar new map for Apex legends players. The story revolves in mystic ways which excite the audience in various ways. The timeline indicates the crash of a meteor 26 years ago on an unknown planet leading to sudden but steady settlement development. Evolving new technologies lead to salvation for Apex legends. Moreover, the map shows slightly more hidden secrets for their die-heart fans.

Broken Moon consists of

  • Zip Rails
  • Point of interest
  • Terraformer
  • Statis net array
  • Atmostation and backup atmo
  • Perpetual core
  • Bionomics
  • The divide
  • Alpha Base
  • Eternal Gardens
  • Production yard
  • Breaker wharf
  • The foundry
  • Dry gulch
  • Cultivation
  • Promonades

Broken Moon Map is expected to show off from 1 November 2022 onwards. Defenses and legends will have minor changes and step-wise rewards in battle pass.

Apex Legends Catalyst

Apex Legends
Apex Legends character (Image via EA)

Catalyst is a defensive conjurer and brand new legend with a brutal background story of origin. Superwomen have an interest in catalyst more than people residing in Boreas. With an aim to save the moon in mind, catalyst abilities are mind-blowing. Animation has not disappointed its look. More finishing moves will be revealed upon trying out this filthy character.

Abilities of Catalyst

  • Tactical- Piercing Spikes
  • Passive- Barricade
  • Ultimate- Dark Veil

Being a bit of a spoiler-like trailer, much of the detailed versions will be available soon for the most precious information related to Apex legends. These are early predictions with source as the official website of electronic arts.

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