How to three star Clash Fest Challenge?

Clash Fest Challenge COC
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It’s been a series of challenges in Clash of Clans after the Clash Fest began. The past few challenges like the infinite goblin challenge were super exciting. To keep this level up, Clash Fest Challenge is ready. Only after securing 3 stars in Clash Fest Challenge, players can avail of rewards which include 400xp and 1 builder portion. Here is the strategy to 3-star clash fest challenge easily. These will be the final challenges in this event and eventually the end of Fest challenges.

3 Star Clash Fest Challenge in Clash of Clans

A great way to start an attack is to destroy significant buildings. Eagle Artillery always targets the strongest troops so destroying a bunch of artillery is a must for any attacker. Using a rocket balloon with a single super minion is the best way to destroy attacking builders. Slowly, deployed wizards on nearby barracks to help clean up faster.

At this point, nearly half of the work is perfectly done in Clash Fest Challenge. Now outsmarting Inferno tower is an easier job than expected. Before moving further, keep deploying 1 minion to fail every air bomb. Trying 4 to 5 minions around the left side of the base is the next move.

Once the above directions are completed. We can move on to the main theme. Once troops reach inferno towers, use all the heroes along with the golem. Covering the defense areas with skeleton spells makes troops withstand attack for a longer time. Following the same trick towards the end of the attack gives a 3 star.

Clash Fest Challenge Army composition

  • Wizards: 9
  • Pekka: 5
  • Super minion: 1
  • Minions: 9
  • Golem: 1
  • Rocket Balloon: 5
  • Poison spell: 1
  • Skeleton spell: 5
  • Bat spell: 5
  • Heroes

Clash Fest Challenge: Base Composition

  • 7 Eagle Artillery
  • 40 Inferno Towers
  • Multiple Air bombs
  • Multiple Skeleton Traps
  • 9 Gem box for decoration
  • And important buildings
Just like every event, COC never disappoints and creates a fusion of an extremely difficult-looking base to attack for. For this time, the base contains an extraordinary building that will blow the minds of attackers.

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