How to 3 Star Infinite Goblin Challenge?

Infinite Goblin Challenge
Infinite Goblin Challenge (Image via Judo Sloth Gaming)

Infinite Goblin Challenge designed by Itzu is the third challenge in the series of challenges provided by the Clash of Clans. There are a lot many challenges left to go on the journey. The challenge seems straightforward with defenses: Eagle Artillery and Hidden Teslas. However, in actuality the challenge is a little complicated, making it hard for players to claim 2 Super Potions.

Proceeding with Infinite Goblin Challenge

Infinite Goblin Challenge base
Infinite Goblin Challenge base
Troops and Spells Number
Barbarians 100
Archers 100
Goblins 300

Initially, use 3 archers on each 5 gold storages at 6 O’Clock. Do the same on the 5 each gold storage at 8 O’Clock. And start with deploying one archer at each gold storage.

When the storage at 6 O’Clock is about to be taken down, deploy 25 Barbarians and 25 Goblins. It doesn’t need to be perfect, but try to deploy them at a precise place. Do the same at 8 O’Clock. After the storage is swiped out, use 30 goblins at the base between 8 O’Clock and 6 O’Clock.

Use a Jump Spell at the storage surrounded by Eagle Artillery, to create a path for goblins to take down Town Hall. When Goblins is about to swipe Town Hall, use an invisibility spell. Be sure to invisiblize only troops, not the Town Hall.

Now deploy goblins around all remaining buildings. Keep on deploying until 80 goblins are left. Try to two fingers to do so. Follow up them with barbarians, 25 on each corner. Use the archers to assist troops in destroying buildings.

Use the remaining 80 goblins from the side of the Jump spell (if storage is not destroyed). Following the correct pattern given, will ensure three stars in the battle, rewarding players with 2 super potions.

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