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How to get new Dunking Simulator event items in Roblox



Dunking Simulator
Dunking Simulator (Image via Roblox)

Dunking Simulator is an Xbox Sponsored basketball game, that focuses on enhancing accuracy, focus, and range. Players can go through the game every day and win amazing in-game items like Basketball skins and jerseys, and many more items.

Players are easily able to claim free UGC avatars, skins and many new items for free. However, the lack of routes and basics results in hardship to acquire this items.

Get free items in Dunking Simulator

As soon the players enter the reign, find for the Quest Guy. The Quest Guy is the non-playing-character that grants players series of quests, and rewards in return.

If the esteemed player is a newbie to the game, the missions will be granted after completing the tutorial. Players are advised to complete the tutorials as directed. The quest guy will ask to score 3 close dunks, which is mandatory.

After the completion of tutorial, go again to the Quest Guy and get the next mission. Next missions may be to go to the stat shop, and upgrading basketball by entering ball shop. This two missions can increase our range and accuracy, in addition to a evolved basketball. Players may try to upgrade their abilities by scoring goals and increasing cash reserve.

Now Enter the Liberty Court

Dunking Simulator
Image via Roblox

Once the upgrades and cash is enough on dashboard, players can now enter Liberty Court. Entering the Liberty Court instantly grants Liberty Court Xbox Shutter Shades award. And, players have already secured the first item for avatar in the game.

The second items may vary but is the easiest to secure. Just score a dunk and get the Liberty Court Xbox Belt Bag award. These are the two easiest one to acquire.

Now to get the third and the hardest one, complete all the quests in Liberty Court. To access the quest, walk towards the Rebecca and accept the challenge. Here, players will be asked to 3 dunks at 100% extend. This mission will reward pair of shoes. To do this, walk to the court, try to be at the closest range and shoot. Do this three times until the notification is shown.

Next reward is some shoes and roblox accessories. To claim the, players need to destroy limited time hoop. Players can find the Hoop at the chair section. Go through the chairs and score on the hoop and claim the rewards. The next item is easy to secure, as the goal is to be done from 60 feet away from court. The 60 feet is at the semi-circle around the hoop.

Given are some ways that can be followed to easily get the free items in Dunking Simullator.

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