FIFA 23 reveals details regarding career modes in the game

EA has revealed the information regarding the latest entry of Career Mode in FIFA 23. Read more about it here.
FIFA 23 (Image via EA)

After the recent reveal of the removal of the Russian team from FIFA 23, Electronic Arts reveals the information regarding its Career mode and various new features through its trailer. EA recently announced that FIFA 23 will support cross-play on most game modes, but other details, such as specific platforms for each mode, have not yet been released.

FIFA 23 Player Career Personality

As FIFA 23 is the latest sequel of the FIFA series, players are awaiting its official release to enter virtual FIFA mode. And, the excitement of the game is enhanced by a trailer that featured the Career Mode, along with Player Career Personality.

Player Career Personality is a system that lets users establish their personal connection with the character through communication and also allows them to define characteristics while playing as well as resting. As per the trailer, Player Career Personality consists of a number of modes, Maverick - opportunity seeker, heartbeat - the heart of the team, and virtuous - skilled and smart.

The personality of the character can be established by smaller activities that the player does off-pitch. Likewise, going to meet injured players, attending functions, or buying a car. A lot of activities can make an impact on the player's psyche.

Attributes under Player Career Personality

One of the significant importance of the mode is that it evolves as the player proceeds in the game. Going through the game will grant points that will unlock attributes for Maverick like Penalty, Dribbling, Position, Acceleration, Sprint, and Finishing at last.

Attributes for other modes like Virtuous and Heartbeat are revealed in the trailer, giving more qualities to the players.

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