Clash of Clans Tournament Hub Stage 2 begins on 27 August

World Championship registrations
Clash of Clans World Championship registrations (Image via Clash of Clans)

Clash of Clans is back with a world championship, granting players a prize pool of $1,00,000. Players can register their clan, compete with others to sustain, and claim the crown of World Champions. Tournament Hub will be executed in 4 stages, from which stage 1 is already done with registrations closed.

Tournament Hub stage 2 has started its preparations and will begin on 27th August, 7:30 PM GMT +5:30. In Tournament Hub stage 1, teams compete with each other and move up the ladder and 64 teams advance to stage 2. Meanwhile, in stage 2, the team competes in a double-elimination tournament. Teams will be disqualified after 2 losses and from these 64 teams, only 16 will advance to stage 3.

Prize Pool

1st $300,000
2nd $150,000
3rd $100,000
4th $80,000
5th – 6th $60,000
7th – 8th $40,000
9th – 10th $30,000
11th – 12th $20,000
13th – 15th $12,500
16th – 18th $7,500
19th – 20th $5,000

What actually is Tournament Hub?

The tournament hub is an in-game competition platform, where players with TH14 can participate and compete with each other to secure the ranks. To participate in the tournament, players need to have access to their Town Hall 14 village. If so, clan leaders can enroll their clan in the championships.

Players who are eligible for the tournament have a golden opportunity to secure the crown. Players with extraordinary skills will compete in doing the same thing.

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