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War Thunder to release 8th Battle Pass on July 27



War Thunder
Image via War Thunder

The chapter of War Thunder is on the verse of diluting, with the introduction of the eighth Battle Pass, to be released on July 27. War Thunder just features the eighth Battle Pass named ‘Field Testing‘. Battle Pass Season 8 is ought to last from July 27th to October 26th. Meanwhile, players can complete battle tasks and challenges to avail some of the amazing in-game rewards.

The M60 Patton appeared for the first time 62 years ago. The M60 was the US Army’s MBT during the Cold War. With over 15,000 built, the M60 has had many upgrades during its life. Fact: M60 variants are still in service today with 21 countries!

— War Thunder (@WarThunder) July 25, 2022

War Thunder 8 Battle Pass – Field Testing

Field Testing Pass – a seasonal event, can be obtained for free if a player has accessed two coupon upgrades in the previous season. These coupons can be used to redeem the Field Testing pass in the current season. Players can claim exclusive rewards by participating in the game, each new level offers rewards like; Silver Lions, decorative items, profile icons, and more.

How to earn rewards in War Thunder – Field Testing?

War Thunder Decoration (Image via War Thunder)

Accessing the game every day is the easiest way to claim rewards. War Thunder provides a progress bar, mentioning your daily entrances. Points are given every day, from 1 to 5.

Although, opening the game once a day grants small prizes. Apart from this, competing with other soldiers to complete battle tasks offers a variety of rewards. In addition, there are season challenges provided at the start of the week.

War Thunder Season Eight Awards

Reward Details
Type T-51a Japanese torpedo boat
BV 155 German super-altitude piston
Object 248 Soviet heavy tank
Decals Various Text formats
Decorations Ship, Tank, Vehicle, etc.
Profile icon Test driver

Players can various battle tasks and weekly season challenges to receive unique premium combat vehicles, decals, 3D decorations, and profile icons.


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