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PUBG Special Summer Update: Information, Rewards and More



PUBG special summer event.
PUBG special summer event. (Image via PUBG Corporation)

PUBG Corporation has come up with a new summer event for PUBG Steam Players which will award Mini14 Skin, Contraband Coupons, costumes and more. PUBG clarified that due to some technical issues, the summer event is only available on PC for steam users. However, the same check-in event is about to come for console users as well.

How will the summer event work?

In order to participate in the event, players will need access to the PUBG: Battleground game. In the lobby, click on the special summer event banner. Right after the click, players will be taken to the PUBG Corporation’s website.

On the website, players will need to click on the JOIN button, and players will be granted 3♥instantly. The join button will only be visible for the first week. Button will go off automatically soon on the eighth day.

Players are easily able to claim 1♥ by daily check-in. and 1♥ will be depleted for each day misses of check-in. Check-in service will restart at UTC 9 AM / PDT 2 AM / CEST 11 AM per day. The SUMMER SURF – MINI14 skin will be acquired by players by checking-in daily for 3 days in a row. The claimed MINI14 SURF will be deposited in the customised tab of the game. However, the MINI 14 SURF will only be available for three days, and the item can be changed to permanent by just ensuring the ♥ not fall to zero.

PUBG Summer Event: Rewards

MINI-14 SURF Skin and More

PUBG: MINI-14 SURF skin. (Image via PUBG)

As mentioned earlier, the MINI-14 surf skin will be made available for 3 days check-in in a row and the skin will change acquire a permanent tag by not letting ♥ fall to 0.

40 POINTS CONTRABAND COUPON X10 Once per account
40 POINTS EMOTE – VICTORY DANCE 93 Once per account
20 POINTS ♥ CHARGER Four times per account
120 POINTS FLORA BUTTON-UP SET Once per account

♥ CHARGER is a additional ♥ that can be used to add one in case you are depleting for. However, the ♥ charger cannot be used when the ♥ are already at zero. When a player is able to achieve all 120 points, the esteemed one will receive the special reward Flora Button-Up set.

Play and Earn Survival Points Event

PUBG: SURF skin. (Image via PUBG)

The Play and Earn Survival Points Event is another event in which players can claim various in-game rewards and gifts. Players on returns are asked to check-in daily on the website, play for at least 30 minutes and get points. These points can be redeemed to earn in-game rewards.

Even though the times and dates for this event are about to change, given are the dates on which the event will be held.

  • PDT: July 13, 2 AM – July 27, 1:59 AM
  • CEST: July 13, 11 AM – July 27, 10:59 AM
  • KST: July 13, 6 PM – July 27, 5:59 PM
The process and the working of the Play and Earn Survival Points event is the same as the special summer event.

Final Thoughts

Participating in events is one of the best ways to earn in-game rewards, skins and other gifts. However, the event has not yet been officially announced for mobile or console users. As soon as the technical issue is resolved, the event will be published for console players as well.

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