PUBG Partner Drops Event - JULY 2022: Rewards, Participation and More

PUBG Battleground releases the most awaited event, Partner Drop for July 2022. Read more regarding rewards, schedule and more.
PUBG Partner Drop Event July 2022
PUBG Partner Drop Event July 2022 (Image via PUBG Corp.)

PUBG Battleground releases the most awaited event, Partner Drop for July 2022. Partner Drop event mentions different dates of starting the event. Most countries have started the event on the 26th of July, while the remaining will be able to play it on the 27th of July. The due date for partner drop is the 10th of August.

How to Participate in PUBG Partner Drops Event?

Step 1: Create a Krafton Account (if you don't have one: Create it as > Log in > create a new account)
Step 2: Log in at
Step 3: Search for Linked Streams
Step 4: Choose out the best stream, best suitable for you
Step 5: Watch streams and earn watch rewards
After watching the stream for a specific time period, players will be granted rewards. Players need to claim those to get them in inventory.

PUBG: Partner Drops Event 2022 - Rewards

Time Threshold Rewards
5 minutes PUBG PUNCH Spray
30 minutes Classic Care Spray
60 minutes Hunter’s Chest (For the Workshop) – Twitch Exclusive

How to claim Rewards?

Players can access claimed rewards in the customize section of the menu. Players are advised to confirm the linked accounts and ids. The incorrect linkage may result in the loss of the threshold. However, the hunter chest rewards can only be claimed by watching Twitch streams.

The partner drop event can be used by players to boost their performance and enhance looks. Partner Drop event is a little different than others, to claim the rewards players must watch streams in the first place.

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