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Lords Mobile: Homecoming Events, rewards and more



Lords Mobile
Lords Mobile | Image via IGG

I Got Games (IGG), the developers of Lords Mobile, recently released the Homecoming Events. Events ask players to form teams, complete missions, and offer a variety of in-game items. The necessity for a new event was felt because of multiple factors and the end of Nature’s Bounty event was one of them.

Lords Mobile is holding its “Homecoming Events” starting now until the 24th of July. The Homecoming event is a time-limited event that offers solo players the opportunity to secure tons of in-game items and a chance to win 5,000 gems, while the teams may procure up to 3,000 artefact coins.

Homecoming Events: Details and More

Homecoming Events are built focusing on returning players. The journey of the game is never going to be easy as the number of players keeps on playing, meanwhile some leaving. Lords Mobile now has an occasion to make a homecoming for these players. Homecoming Events consists of a number of events, lasting for 2 weeks and featuring amazing prizes.

Event 1: Teaming up with old allies

Teaming up with old allies could lead to winning loads of artefact coins. However, there are several challenges which need to be completed in the first place. Inviting old friends and forming an ally allows redeeming of Homecoming Packs.

Event 2: Homecoming Gifts

Returning players have a beautiful and easy opportunity to win versatile gifts by just checking-in on a daily basis. In this event, returning players will get a spin every day, giving them a chance to win one of eight prizes. The grand prize includes an Amazon gift card of $1000.

Other Events and Homecoming New Server

Similar to the second event, other events too focus on returning players along with rewards to invitees. Allies can get up to 50 artefact chest pulls. Along with the events, IGG has rolled out an update to New Kingdom. The new kingdom allows players to join their old kingdoms with new kingdoms.

In Conclusion

Players can obtain certain rewards by completing tasks. Claiming a number of prizes by just spinning a wheel is a new way to proceed and being loved by most of the players.

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