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Live A Live – The Ultimate Guide to Get Started



Live a Live Game
Guide before starting Live a Live (Image via Square)

The remake of 1994’s Nintendo title is been released, and fans seem to be having a good time with it. Live A Live is a fun distraction for gamers in the form of the game console, Captain Square, where gamers will be required to solve puzzles by engaging in combat.

In course of development, the developers have tried to maintain the essence of 1994’s Live A Live. However, the updated version looks more realistic, with a high-definition of rendering. The game is likely to attract new as well as bygone ones.

Though players like to have gameplay, still some face difficulty in completing chapters. To proliferate the mastery over the game, here are some tips and guides to get familiar with, before heading towards Live a Live.

1. Explore Everything

Live a Live
Live a Live (Image via Nintendo)

Though some may find this tip awful, it is best everyone will say. Exploring the surroundings might give players a chance to access most of the hidden stuff. However, giving time to exploration of all chapters is not worthy enough.

Most of the chapters start as a battle and end with it. While the remaining has nothing much to acquire. Therefore, try to explore smarter not harder. Chapters like Iboros and Pogos are to be explored with attention. These are two levels that will allow players to gain familiarity with the game, and teach the art of exploration.

2. Don’t be obsessed with Gold

Live a Live - Environmental Saloon
Live a Live – Environmental Saloon (Image via Nintendo)

Players are advised to not let themselves be drained by searching for Gold. Everything that players can equip is from the treasury boxes and quests. There is no room for buying anything with Gold. The team has kept the gold as an experimental item.

Experience is key, but not in this case. Try to get as many items as possible. Experience is important but rather than it, items are something that will get players to the next level. Players will through a hard time between levels 10 to 16. And the new items will help get through it. Therefore, try to explore everything as mentioned earlier.

3. Turn enemies around

Live a Live
Live a Live area (Image via Nintendo)

Turning enemies around is a fundamental method used by many professionals. Most of the players get it while in a game, but to give an upper edge over the others, try to learn this from the beginning. This step is a lot helpful against the bosses.

In case the enemy flips us, there is no need to worry, as the players can attack in there. But, when enemies are turned around, don’t miss the opportunity to hit them with extra damage smashes.

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