Fall Guys Guide: Size, requirements, skins and tips

Fall Guys skin

Fall Guys is free to play battle royale game developed by Mediatonic which consists of 60 members competing against each other at multiple rounds and different maps to qualify and survive. The last one to remain wins the crown. Here is a complete guide to Fall Guys to enhance gameplay along with the best tips and tricks for the sure rewards of crowns and crown shards.

Fall Guys Guide

Fall Guys Size

Fall Guys launched back in 2019 is not big size game compared to most popular gaming console games. It is compatible with devices with at least 2GB RAM which is capable to run. While having a laptop or pc with 8GB ram or more makes it even more perfect for a gaming experience along with ultra-high graphics. Besides size, it is always recommended to use an x64 bit device (windows 11/10) for better visuals.

Fall Guys Requirements

Being a relatively small size game, the requirements for pc or laptops are minimal leading access to larger gamers around the globe. Windows is compatible along with an active net connection (wifi). Besides this, experts suggest using gaming controllers like gamepads as additional features.

Fall Guys Skins

Fall Guys consists of numerous different character skins which users can use once a minimum of Kuddos or crows are collected from the game itself. While some premium skins are available to buy with in-app purchases which appears to have limited sale offers. Besides this, a season pass allows free claims of skins and exclusive discounts on other skin prices.

A recent update suggests the arrival of Godzilla skins with Kaiju King Bundle and Kaiju Combo for the Toho Terror featured event. It also consists of Godzilla 1995, King Ghidorah, and Mothra skins in Summer Squads event. Everything looks fantastic in Dab style added to the collection of moves after the qualifying round.

Here are Fall Guys characters (Fandom)

  • Pink
  • Clovis
  • Silent
  • Silent’s Assistant/ Caveman

Tips to win in Fall Guys

With access to nearly 60 maps, a wide variety is seen in each round. Each map has its unique structure and differs in toughness compared to others. Best Tips and tricks include practicing extensively on each level will make players comfortable leading to an increase in qualifying chances and improving attempted fails. Experts suggest some tips which will boost performance significantly.

How to Jump and Dive in Fall Guys

Most of the rounds require fall guys to jump in order to complete each section. Interruptions can be avoided via jumping which is the easiest and most suitable way to remain ahead in a match. Players can use Space Bar to jump while using WASD buttons to move and control characters. Making the right perspective through Mouse to move the camera to plan jump increases the success rate.

To dive, pressing Control in the air makes fall guy dive at high speed leaving competitors behind. Jump and Dive is one of the coolest tactics to outsmart the entire crowd. There is no possible way to jump higher than expected but making use of surrounding resources can make this possible. Also, a jump makes a fall guy move faster, make sure to use it to slide on the floor.

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