F1 22 releases patch 1.06, features new audio for Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series

F1 22 patch 1.06 is live, and features a new audio for Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series, including bug and glitch fixes.
F1 22
F1 22 (Image via EA)

F1 22 patch 1.06 is live, and it seems that Electronic Arts is likely to make a number of balance adjustments to the game. The new sound and effect for the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series is a noteworthy update in patch 1.06. Though the update introduces no remarkable addition to the game, rather than just balance changes and glitch improvements.

F1 22: Patch 1.06 notes

1) General Changes

  • Enhance real-life vehicle performance
  • ICE/MGU-H wear rate, good for automatic transmission
  • Colour expectation while finishing a lap
  • Enhanced Artificial-Intelligence
  • Fixation of issues; tire temperatures, mass disqualifications, Personnel Facility upgrades, track grip, and tecpro barriers
  • New look to sponsored badge
  • gameplay enhancement

2) Audio changes

  • The improved sound effect for Tire drift
  • new audio for Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series

3) Wheels

  • Issues arising out of wheels G920, G29, and G923 are fixed
  • Turning off LED Tachometer lights fixed

4) VR

  • Improved performance in Full-Screen mode
  • Fixed an issue with Oculus Rift CV1
  • Enhancement to the settings for better compatibility

Final Thoughts

Though patch 1.06 has been introduced, still no game is free from glitches. Therefore, the company will ask players to submit their feedback in the game. Crazy about racing, Sure Gaming News is all about orginal reporting at first place to acknowledge readers.

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