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Expert Tips To Start A Perfect Clan in Clash Of Clans



Clan Growth Tips

A perfect clan is the essence of Clash of Clans. The respect that a leader gets is greater than any other player. The respect that a Legend League player might not get, but a leader of a great clan does. Therefore, a perfect clan is very important in the game. It is the clan that each player finds when he starts playing this game. The players have been on the hunt for the perfect clan since day-one of their journey to Clash of Clans.

What Does it Take to Build a Perfect Clan?

If a random player is asked, what will he look for in a clan? He will answer fast donations and has active players. Eventually, the first thing that a clan must have is active players with participation. Here participation means correct and fast donation.

So, the clan leader must look for some good players with high town hall levels. This feature will enable clan members to have any troops that they desire. With this quality of players, clan members will be able to receive any siege machine they request for.

How to Find Active Players in Clash of Clans?

Clan Growth Tips

Clan leaders might find it very hard to start a clan without active members. So the first thing clan leader must do is find these players. It will take the leader to the max town hall level to achieve this goal.

When a clan leader is in the legend league and has max base layouts and is the clan leader. These circumstances will enable players to join the clan and they might even be asked to stay.

Initially, players with town hall levels 9, 10, and 11 might join. But don’t worry, this player too will add good value to the clan. Clan leaders can ask to max the base and upgrade to the next one.

The clan leader can use another ID to increase donations in the clan. This will ensure the clan members don’t leave. Or a clan leader may start a new clan with their friends which will be active.

Owning friends with a clan is a perfect match and the clan’s level will bounce to level 5 within 4 months. If a war of more than 30 members is achieved, then the clan level will be more than 5.

If a consistent war-winning frequency with 30 members is put to war, more players will be eager to join the clan. The issue of active players persists only in the initial stage.

Once the clan has achieved level 10, max players, even the legend league players will start sending joining requests.

To find active players, clan leader must:

  • Have a Max Town Hall Base
  • Be Active
  • Be Participative
  • Increase Clan Levels

Things That a Clan Leader must Obey

Clan leaders must ensure that the clan chat is not fielded with abusive or vulgar words. It is the core factors that COC players hate. When the clan chat looks polite and friendly, the players don’t insist. Even the girl players might join when the politeness behaves.

The promotions in the clan must be based on performance. Clan leaders must not play favourites. Leaders must give equal opportunities to all players, even the rookies as well.

But also ensure that the clan is not stuffed with all co-leaders. If this happens so, the authenticity of the clan is disturbed. Clan leaders must kick out the inactive players and look for new players instead of those.

So, the things clan leaders must obey are:

  • Ensure Politeness in the chat section
  • Try to Avoid Vulgar Words
  • Be Egalitarian
  • Don’t flood the clan with co-leaders
  • Ensure High Donations

Final Thoughts

Though there might be more factors that will help in building a perfect clan, these all are core factors that ensure the basement of an excellent clan. Clan leaders are asked to follow these guidelines to have a versatile clan.

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