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Evil Dead Game: Army of Darkness update features new map, weapons and more



Evil Dead: The game
Evil Dead
Saber Interactive – Developer of The Evil Dead Game – has rolled out an update called ‘Army of Darkness’. The update is all set to entertain its players with some of the new maps, exclusive weapons and brand new cosmetics.

The update decides not to stop here yet, introducing single-player exploration mode. Although the game is a multi-player game, single-player exploration mode will still provide fabulous fun with the addition of new locations. A new feature for the game, Exploration mode, allows players to explore the game freely without having to worry about any combat or interference from other player characters i.e. freely travel between areas.

Army of Darkness update features new locations and weapons

Evil Dead Game players will surely experience the next level of gameplay as the Army of Darkness update has introduced new spots in addition to sequels to Sam Raimi’s horror-comedy. Medieval Castle in Kandar and the windmill are among the locations aspired into the game.

In addition to the locations, an update has mentioned new weapons with new skeleton deadly evils in new spots. These places are great for showing hunting skills with weapons like the almighty Mace and the Explosive Crossbow.

Evil Dead: The game is currently available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. As per some sources, the Nintendo Version will be available soon.

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