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Clash Mini introduces Expedition Challenges feature



Clash Mini Expedition Challenges
Clash Mini Expedition Challenges (Image via Supercell)

Supercell – the developers of Clash Mini, has already made their way ahead by introducing a new feature called Expedition Challenges. Developers have looked up to introduce exclusive challenges for a series of players, competing against the Expedition challenges by learning core battle skills. The new feature will test players about their skills and unit characteristics before they battle against other players.

Before proceeding to the Expedition Challenge feature, it will be shocking to that there are some inclusive changes to the game as well. There will be three items to be included in Battle Boards; a dummy truck, exploding barrel, and collectors.

Clash Mini: Expedition Challenges

Chapters, Levels, and Tiers

The Expedition Challenges consist of:

  • 2 Chapters
  • 14 levels
  • 3 difficulty tiers: Beginner, Veteran, and Nightmare

There are two types of completion modes under each level and difficulty tiers. The completion modes are; Initial Completion and Challenge Mode Completion.

How to get started with Expedition Challenges?

1. The Expedition Challenges are available throughout the week for Battle Chests, however, you can find them on the Battle Page on the right from the ‘Game Modes’ button and click on the ‘Barbarian King’ icon.

2. Expedition challenges are available for a specific time, click on the challenges available for you.

3. Choose a hero and mini to start. (Players can see 6 minis and 1 hero, provided automatically by supercell.)

4. After the selection of Minis and Heroes, click Ready.

5. Game grants players 90 seconds for rearranging minis and heroes. The game will start after the timer is set.

6. In case, the players fail the challenge, they can choose either Retry – play again or Exist – to exist the challenge.

Players can choose to exit and quite the challenge anytime they desire. Challenges can be left even when in the challenge by clicking the Orange Quit button on the top right corner.

Clash Mini: Expedition Challenge Rewards

The expedition challenges not only tests the players but also reward them based on their levels, chapters, and difficulty tiers. After winning these challenges, players can claim a variety of prizes, which includes the combination of Pony Fuel, Hero or Mini’s fragments, gold, and even gems.

Final Thoughts

As the Expedition Challenges feature has provided a new gaming experience by introducing a variety of challenges. Challenges enable players to claim prizes, but to do so, challenges must be completed in the first place.

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