Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Seasonal Event - Orville’s Island Resort

Players are asked to participate in Orville's Island Resort event around the campsite to win Plumeria Couch Shell and earn exciting items.
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (Image via Nintendo)

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, a free-to-play social simulation mobile game in Nintendo's Animal Crossing series has begun its latest event at Orville's Island Resort. Nintendo has released the full schedule and overview for Orville's Island Resort Event.

Players are asked to participate in the events around the campsite to win Plumeria Couch Shell and earn exciting items in the game.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp - Orville's Island Resort Event

In Garden Event: Orville's Tropical Festival, players can earn rewards like a tropical concert torch, patio chair with ukulele, and tropical steel guitar. Players need to plant Island Hibiscus, which will attract hermit crabs when they bloom. Collect the crabs and claim rewards.

In Scavenger Hunt: BazaarScavenger Hunt, players will earn rewards like bazaar decor stand, bazaar pottery stand, and Moroccan lantern by bazaar gyroidite.

In Fishing Tourney (Oasis Patio), catch unique tourney fish like the blackspot tuskfis to earn a potted sago palm, summer patio tile rug, and summer patio signpost.

Since the players can earn various rewards, these items can be used at the Happy Homeroom Event to design the interior in two classes: Summer Plaza and Moroccan Bazaar.

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