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How To 3 Star Itzu’s Summer Challenge (EASY)



Itzu's Summer Challenge

Clash of Clans have introduced a new three star base challenge which will reward Resource Potion with 400 XP. The base challenge is designed by Itzu. The speciality of the base is that the players will get all the troops but only one in number and the same for the spells.

New Summer Events are out in Clash of Clans. Itzu’s summer challenge is one of them along with Summer Hero Skins and Scenery. The Finer Miner, Double Trouble, Summer Scenery Offer, Summer King Hero Skin and Summer Champion Hero Skin events are out too.

How To Three Star Itzu’s Summer Challenge?

Step 1: use a rage spell between the Town Hall and Eagle artillery, use a giant and a wall breaker to get into walls. Then use 3 sneaky goblins to destroy the Town Hall. In this case, the hidden tesla locks on the wall breaker, then restart the challenge.

3 Star Itzu's Summer Challenge

Step 2: Use an Electro Dragon to destroy Eagle Artillery and air sweepers. Electro Dragon will be able to destroy all the Eagle Artilleries and air sweepers.

Afterwards, use smaller troops to extract hidden teslas and hidden traps. Here, we will use barbarians, archers and goblins in order to extract the hidden traps.

3 Star Itzu's Summer Challenge

Step 3: In step 3, we will assist the electro dragon. Use a baby to destroy eagle artillery, use lava hounds, dragons and a dragon rider to assist an electro dragon. We will try to make all troops invisible by using invisibility spells.

Step 4: Here, we will use all the troops except the Golem and Head Hunter. At 8 O’clock, use ice golem, followed by the king and the warden. Now we will lure each and every troop in the circle of the grand warden. Lure all troops except for Golem, Queen and Head Hunter.

Golem and Head Hunter will play a very important role in the challenge later.

3 Star Itzu's Summer Challenge

Step 5: Use poison spell on the lava hound and ice golem extracted from the Clan Castle. Try to make use of Healing Spell at its highest extent. Use it when most of the troops will be covered in its circle.

Step 6: Use a haste spell to boost slow moving troops, Use a lightning spell where you feel necessary. (Lightning spells play a very negligible role in this whole attack.) Use headhunters when the troops are pushed towards the heroes.

Step 7: Use a golem and Archer Queen from the other side of the base. Use the remaining skeleton spell after luring the golem and archer queen.

Step 8: Use Bat Spell wherever you feel good. It plays the same role as the lightning spell will play here. Use Abilities of the heroes very wisely. Try to save up the royal champion power, if possible.

3 Star Itzu's Summer Challenge

After following the steps given, the base will be three stars very easily.

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