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COC Summer Warden Skin [NEW SKIN for Grand Warden]



Clash of Clans Summer Warden

Clash of Clans has long journey of introducing new skins to their heroes. With arrival of new season, Summer Warden which is basically new skin for grand warden is available to use.

Let’s understand deeply about COC Summer Warden Skin. New teaser about Grand Warden Skin has surprised every clasher when it’s weird skin look was presented.

COC Summer Warden Skin

COC Summer Warden

There are no surprises when winter skin arrives but very unusual thing happened. Clash of Clans Summer Warden skin is new outfit which is summer skin which no gamer has every expected.

Super abilities remained same while dress and style of attack was changed. Let’s have look at attacking style of grand warden.

When summer warden skin tries to attack, it attacks using microphone by shouting into it. It looks really fun to see him attacking whole building destroying base with noisy thing.

How to get Summer Warden Skin

In this month of June, Clash of Clans Season Challenge June 2022 will start, Best way to get this skin is to purchase Season Pass with other exclusive benefits.

Season pass will provide not only warden skin but also other beneficial features. If players cant afford to spend money, They can wait for a month to get into skin store. Where Summer Warden will be their upon spending some gems.

Steps to get Summer Warden

  • Participate in Clash of Clans Season Challenge June 2022
  • Purchase Season Pass
  • Claim premium skin
  • Or Buy for 1,500 gems after a month

Summer Warden Skin Features

  • Extreme cool look
  • Microphone used as attacking weapon
  • Hero skin with tail
  • Red like colour pretty skin
  • No modification in strength

COC Summer Warden Skin

This skin can be purchased with handful amount of gems as it will always remain to purchase in skin store to shop for it. I personally will prefer this skin to my readers.

Also COC Miner Skin of archer queen is cute and looks awesome while attacking with bombs using its bow. Make sure to make plenty of use with this skin during attacks.

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