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Clash of Clans : Summer King and Summer Champion Hero Skins (NEW)



Clash of Clans has revealed its next Barbarian King skin. It is called Summer King Hero Skin. Along with this, the Summer Champion Hero Skin is available for our Royal Champion heroes.

Not only are hero skins made available, but the Summer Scenery Offer will allow a collection of brand new scenery for the home village. Aside from this, don’t forget to attack and 3 Star Itzus Summer Challenge for exciting magical items and rewards.

COC Summer King Hero Skin

Summer King Hero Skin

There are many previously available skins for the Barbarian King. But this time, in the period of Summer, COC brings Summer King Hero Skin which is more fascinating than older ones.

Summer King has a surfboard in his hand which will be used as a weapon during attack which clearly provides idea of having summer season through it’s look.

COC Summer Champion Hero Skin

Summer Champion Hero Skin

There are very few skins available for our Royal Champion but this event has fulfilled our wishes. Summer Champion Hero Skin is an amazing assest which looks similar to tribal heroes with spears in the hand.

Both hero skins are now available to buy with real money but as soon as the season ends, each skin will be ready to purchase with 1,500 gems. For now, players are happy to enjoy the look of new heroes.

COC Summer Scenery

COC Summer Scenery

Clash of Clans brought Summer Scenery which can be purchased for home village. Behind summer, the scenery has the look of a beach with a giant goblin chilling on the beach. Totally everything looks fun with new events.

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