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COC Miner Skin for Archer Queen (New Skin)



Miner Skin for Archer Queen

Clash of Clans News always excites players with new upcoming seasons, event, offers and deals. New skin for archer queen is made available called as Miner Skin. On first day of March, New May 2022 season challenge is available to complete.

COC Miner Queen Skin is made available to claim when player complete mission on daily and weekly basis. When player is able to complete missions till its threshold, there is available a new skin for Archer Queen. This is Miner Queen Skin which is not only super attractive but awesome when in battle.

Beside completing seasonal challenges, player needs to buy gold pass that makes eligible to claim certain premium rewards along with normal rewards. There are other benefits of purchasing gold pass like one gem donation, extra treasure loot, less resource and building time and more. Just like New troop of Mountain Golem in Clan Capital this new miner skin is best among all. Beside this, Clan Capital Raid Weekend will be worth to raid on.

Miner Archer Queen Skin

Miner Queen

There are plenty of different skin available for heroes. Barbarian King, Grand Warden as well as Royal Champion. But Miner Skin for Archer Queen looks more prettier than other. Archer Queen looks charming. Its new clothes with colourful design is surely one of best skin for heroes.

Here’s How to get Miner Skin for Archer Queen

  1. Click on Bottom Season Challenge Tab
  2. Complete challenges on daily basis
  3. Once threshold is completed, All rewards are unlocked
  4. Player needs to buy Gold Pass for premium rewards
  5. Claim Miner Archer Queen Skin.

Players need to collect total of 2,600 points in order to unlock Miner Skin while it can be claimed just after causing your cash from wallet. As whole May Season last for whole month, there are daily mission as well as weekly mission. Each daily mission earns 30 points in total while it ranges for weekly challenges.

Daily Challenges in Season to get Miner Skin

  • Earn star in Multiplayer Battle
  • Earn Star in Builder Base Battle
  • Donate troops to Clan members
  • Reward : Each mission gets 10 points ( 30 points in total )

Weekly challenge are somewhat more difficult than daily challenges. Many challenges takes days to complete while they are really worth to complete it. More points means more closer to get new skin for Archer Queen. Last rewards is Miner Skin obviously. Hope you guys will unlock skin very soon and much faster than before.

List of Archer Queen Skins in COC

  • Archer Queen
  • Gladiator Queen
  • Valkyrie Queen
  • Autumn Queen
  • Ice Queen
  • Warrior Queen
  • Primal Queen
  • Clockwork Queen
  • Pirate Queen
  • Rogue Queen
  • Jungle Queen
  • Party Queen
  • Champion Queen
  • Shadow Queen
  • Miner Queen Skin

Recently Clan Capital Spring Update is announced which is very familiar for COC players. New update means more features and enjoyment. Get to know new defence in Clan Capital. It will simply make you addictive to play Clash of Clans forever and never become inactive through the ages.

Miner Queen

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