COC Metal Militia and Hasty Balloons (NEW EVENTS)

Clash of Clans Event

Clash of Clans is a mobile strategy video game developed by Supercell. It was launched in 2012 and was able to gather a huge fanbase. Clash of Clans spotted 1.94 monthly active in 2022 users as per a report.

Supercell keeps on upgrading and bringing new events to entertain its users. Recently, it launched raid weekend and now Hasty Balloon and Metal Militia.

This new events will start in few days while they may last as long upto week. Along with Hasty Balloons and Meta Militia, event of raid weekend will be held onwards on weekly basis. Complete this event for sure rewards like magical items and books or gems and many more.

New event are as follows :
Royal Challenge event

Meta Militia
Hasty Balloons

COC Hasty Balloons Event

Balloons are considered as the foremost and most important attacking troop in the clashing universe. It has potential to take down enemy defences as its favourite targets are defences. But the speed of balloons is a little slow. When the balloons are lured with a haste spell, the attacking speed of balloons increases drastically.

Therefore, supercell has introduced us with a new event called Hasty Balloons that will start on 12th May. Players can make full use of the event as the cost of balloons and haste spells are decreased.

Event comes with a challenge in which a player has to win 10 matches using 6 balloons. Challenge completion will be awarded with 400 experience points and 1 power portion.

COC Metal Militia Event

CoC New Event

The Metal Militia COC event is specifically based on a troop called Pekka. Pekka owns heavy metal and so training price of Pekka will be lowered as well as reward will be available upon completing certain challenges.

Metal Militia events are the best opportunity to try out attack strategy having pekka as a basic unit. This can be done in the cheapest way as well as your curiosity will be satisfied.

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