COC Clan Capital Raid Weekend (New Update)

Clan Capital Raid Weekend

Clan Capital Raid Weekend is finally available after COC releases another sneak peak. Lastly, we learned about how Clan Capital works and it’s main theme is to build Clan Capital for Raid and defend. Raid Weekend is series of attacks from one Clan Capital to opponent’s Clan Capital.

COC Raid Weekend is called as Raid Weekend because it will usually take place during weekend. Raid Weekend are expected to begin on Friday and will continue till Monday. This are great days to raid other Capital for Capital Loot and more exciting deals. New troops like Mountain Golem and Flying Fortress can play major roles in Raid Weekend.

Clan Capital Raid Weekend

Clan Capital Raid Weekend in COC

Let’s see how players can participate in Raid Weekend. Being war between clans, only leaders and co-leaders can decide for which player to consider into Clan Capital Raids. When players are selected, general information about how Raid Weekend will take place is displayed. This clearly gives idea of how process will move further.

Leaders are given certain time period to decide and option to choose players for Raid Weekend, this time is not disclosed yet but it will be sufficient to start Raids in Clan Capital. There is preparation day when Clan matches its opponent for Raid Weekend. As soon as this gets over, Raid Weekend begin and players can raid other Clan Capital for Loot and rewards

How Clan Capital Raid Weekend Works

  • Leaders and Co Leader starts Raid Weekend
  • Preparation day to plan attacks
  • Raid Weekend from Friday to Monday
  • Raid 3 star each Capital to unlock Capital Peak ( Main Capital Hall )
  • Overall score will make your Clan Capital win

There are some bonus attacks given to attackers who attack 3 star on their first attack. This unlocks them an extra attack which can be further used in other Clan Capital Raids. Every player has limited attacks and this are total in 5 attacks. Using each attack wisely and productively can raid each Capital within few attacks

Destroying defence building in Clan Capital makes you get little amount of Capital Loot which is token currently to upgrade building. When player uses its first attack while Raiding, the percent Capital destroyed is calculated and when next player raids on same Clan Capital, the destruction moves further without starting from beginning. This makes it possible to destroy every Clan Capital in Raid Weekend within few raids.

Reason to participate in Raid Weekend

  • Huge Capital Gold
  • Get Raid Medals
  • Help to expand Capitals
  • Use This reward to buy Magic items
  • Donate yourself with Raid Medals

Rewards in Clan Capital Raid Weekend

Clan Capital Raid Weekend Rewards

Every building destroyed earns some Capital gold loot to players. More destruction player causes, more amount of Capital loot player is able to collect. There are various troop which are able to take down half of defences single handedly while other troop work as supporting. This teamwork will lead you reach to final rewards that are offered in Raid Weekend. Raid Medals are one of most useful reward that can be used for multipurpose.

Here’s Raid Weekend Exclusive Rewards

  • Capital Gold Loot
  • To reinforcement troop to ourself
  • Buy magic items from Weekly Deals
  • Contribution to expand Clan Capital
  • Rank at top in clan position in terms of Clan Capital section
  • Increase XP level

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