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Clash of Clans Maintenance Break (GLITCH FIX)



Clash of Clans Maintenance Break
Clash of Clans Maintenance Break

Clash of Clans Maintenance Break has hit hard on gamers after Clan Capital Update. Clan Capital Update opened new doors to excessive fun clashing while new glitches were reported by players across worldwide. Maintenance Break has started in order to fix this glitch and bugs to keep on running COC smoothly.

Last Maintenance Break was set a few days ago when the official Clan Capital Update made its way to every Clash of Clans gamers base. This maintenance break will remain for a few hours to safeguard fair gameplay without any interruptions from server or third-party software’s.

Noe again supercell has decided to take down game for few minutes as a maintenance break. Game has set a minute limit after which the game will be under maintaince break mode.
Once the game is under maintenance, no player will be able to access the village, resources or anything. Even the game won’t load until it ends.

COC Maintenance Break Reason

Supercell, a parent company of Clash of Clans, has started Maintenance break to fix some glitches and bugs that players came across while playing COC. Mostly glitches were reported from Clan Capital section where players were getting log out from game after returning home from Clan Capital village to Main village.

Reasons for Maintenance Break after Clan Capital Update

  • To fix glitches and bugs related to Clan Capital
  • To fix connection error after returning home from Clan Capital
  • Timely maintenance of game for smooth gaming

Other reasons for maintaining breaks in COC are timely and scheduled breaks to reset and keep running of worldwide servers. There are many instances where maintenance break is seen multiple times during a month just to save progress of player and safeguard progress to protect fair play policy.

When Will COC Maintenance Break Finish

COC Maintenance Break will finish as soon as all the glitches and minor bugs are fixed.

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