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Clan Games Rewards May 2022 | Extra Rewards, Tier List and Tips



Clan Games May 2022

COC clan games are monthly events with exciting offers for the whole clan which depend on the contribution of each and every player.

There is a minimum criteria to score 50,000 clan points in order to unlock all the clan games tier rewards and also additional extra rewards which makes it more worthy than before.

Clan Games May 2022

Clan Games Schedule 2022 includes events to start from 22nd of May and will last up to few days.

Having a strong clan makes it possible to unlock all the rewards beforehand with easy and less pressure over others to score more clan points.
Complete Clan Games Easily
  • Each player can score maximum 4,000 points
  • There is need of total of 13 players minimum to unlock all rewards
  • Upon completing all tier list, bonus rewards unlocks

Clan Games extra Rewards

Clash of Clans Clan Games extra rewards are awarded to players which complete all the tier list and unlock all the rewards from start to last.

This extra reward can be chosen from any tier list whether the player chooses loot from the starting tier or books and magical items from the last tiers which are very rare and special.

Clan Games rewards May 2022 will start soon and here are some tips that can help to score better clan points to remain on top of clan games leaderboard.

Tips for Clan Games

Clan Games Rewards

Clan Games Tips

  • Hunt for clan games points quickly
  • Choose easiest task to score more
  • Try to focus clan points
  • Complete task consisting high clan medals (like 900 or 1500)
  • Reach low league and complete easily
  • Never lose opportunity to clean up trees and stones (free points)

Which Rewards to Choose in COC Clan Games?

Choosing the best and rare item is always preferred over unnecessary gold or elixir as they can be earned from attacks but magical items are very rare to get and this makes it more valuable to claim than other items.

First priority is to claim the best possible book and hammer. Secondly getting magical portions like the builder portion or research portions is the next important thing to keep in mind.

Third priority lies within every player’s needs. When most of it is taken out quickly, players are free to choose any other rewards they prefer for their base.

Clan Games Reward Tiers

Clan Games Tier List
Image via Supercell

In clan games, there will be 6 tiers. Each with 3 rows of rewards. Out of these 3 rows, only one reward can be claimed at the end of the clan games.

First Tier

Unlocking the first tier will need 3000 points. Rewards can be 30% elixir or 25% gold, 20 gems and one portion. Potion can be any, may be a training or resource potion.

Second Tier

Tier two requires 7500 clan points and rewards will be 3 wall rings or power potion, 1 resource potion or 25% of dark elixir and a clock tower potion.

Thirds Tier

To claim the rewards of the third tier requires 1,20,000 points. Rewards to claim can be 20 gems, 1 research potion or some rings of walls.

Fourth Tier

Unlocking rewards of the fourth tier requires clan points of 1,80,000. Rewards here can vary, 75% of the elixir or dark elixir, 75% of gold storage and 1 shovel of obstacles.

Fifth Tier

Real rewards start from here. It requires 30,000 points to claim the rewards. Rewards here are very interesting, which can be a book of spells or fighting, Elixir, rune of gold and 2 builder potions.

Sixth Tier

As it is the last tier, it has quite a well some rewards. It will take 50,000 clan points to go into these rewards.

Awards are book of heroes or book of buildings, rune of elixir or dark elixir and 80% of elixir storage.

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