Capital Raids in Clan Capital Raid Weekend (New Event)

Capital Raids in Clash of Clans

Capital Raid is another Clan Capital event that will change the look of how COC was assumed and played. Raid Weekend is very close and will approach very soon. Each clan member has successfully contributed capital gold to strengthen Capitals just when Raid Weekend will hit next day.

COC Capital Raids in Clan Capital

Raid Weekend in COC

Official YouTube channel of COC has scheduled Capital Raids which will be streaming today within a few hours. Famous Clash of Clans youtubers like Judo Sloth and others will attempt to 3 star max out level 10 Clan Capital base.

Currently, players have been continuously contributing capital gold while they are merely successfully to proceed and level up Clan Capital towards unlocking two to three districts only. Some of the top clans have made it to level 4 or level 5 of Capital peak while the rest of them are struggling to upgrade buildings during the Raid Capitals.

Levels of Capital Raid

  • Capital Peak ( main district )
  • Barbarian Camp
  • Wizards Valley
  • Dragon Cliffs
  • Builder’s Workshop
  • Balloon Lagoon
  • Golem Quarry

This district will be sequentially destroyed and needed to 3 star each lower district to unlock attacks at Capitol Peak. Capital Peak, just like Town Hall, is the most important building in Clan Capital. Be sure to upgrade most of the defence to fail raids of opponent clan capitals in Raid Capital.

Raid Weekend in Clash of Clans

How to raid in clan capital raid weekend

Raid Weekend is a tournament or featured event that lasts from Friday to Monday every week. Clan Capital is a special place where this will be held. Raid Weekend will choose two same level clans to fight against each other to earn Capital medals as well as rewards. New troops like Mountain Golem is very effective to raid for more chances to clear  off base with 3 star attack

How to participate in Raid Capital during Raid Weekend

Clan Capital raid weekend

Raid weekend holds multiple raid capitals which is the most focused event till date. Everybody is excited to defend and raid against opponent Capital during this Raid Capital. Raid Capital will allow every player to participate for exciting rewards. Lets understand everything about clash of clans clan capital update to perform better in capital raids.

Steps to play in Capital Raids Weekend

  • Join COC Clan
  • Participate Capital Gold
  • Help Clan Capital to expand
  • Raid Weekend starts
  • Attack in Capital Raids
  • Defend your Capital districts
  • Get rewarded with capital medals

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