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Capital Hall Level 4 and 5 – Attack Strategy



best clan capital army

As you guys know the raid weekend has started and players are on the hunt to grasp new attack strategy, new raid strategy or say a new capital army. We have already discussed about the attack strategy for capital hall level 2 and 3.

Clan Capital attack strategy should be considered in such a way that not only players but whole clan capital should be benefited. This gives us a sudden idea of teamwork which players must do while doing raids on raid weekend.

Clan Capital is generally clan base so there must be proper coordination between team as well as player. Not only Capital Hall or Capital Peak can be easily destroyed with follow Clan Capital Attack Strategy tips and tricks but other districts will have a free raid system for the whole clan. It will always help to get 3 star as well as Capital Gold as loot for contributing to Clan Capital.

First Attack should focus on cleaning Clan house and other buildings Second attack must target defences and clean up half base with spells left for third attack Their attack is the last one, and should target 3 stars with the following strategies.

How to unlock troops and spells are already discussed. This article mentions the brand new and the best clan capital peak raid army.

Best Clan Capital Attack Strategy

Capital Hall – Level 4

Rocket Balloon Attack Strategy

In order to upgrade Capital Peak Layout COC to level 4, a clan needs contribution of 100,000 capital gold. The new district unlocked is called as Balloon Lagoon. This up-gradation will unlock many new troops as well as defences. Here, we will be able to unlock rocket balloon as a new troop and army spacing will increase to 105.

Best clan capital army:
  • 1 set of archers
  • 1 set of battle ram
  • 3 sets of super minions
  • 4 sets of Rocket Balloon
  • a heal spell

The army will look like this in the final:
Clan Capital Attack Strategy

What will do here is first lure a battle ram that will open a space for sneaky archers. Try to take down a air defence or air bomb with sneaky archers and barbarians if possible. Later lure the rocket balloons towards defences and follow them with minions.

Rocket balloons has the special ability of rage for first few seconds. Players can take full advantage of the special ability. Use the special ability to take down air defence or air attacking defence as soon as possible. When defences are busy in attacking rocket balloons, they will be assisted by our super minions. Get how to prevent raids using Clan Capital Base Layout for best results.

For this strategy, biggest threat is air bomb. To be on safer side, almost all the air bombs of all capital districts are protected either with walls or defences. Use barbarians and sneaky archers to go through the defences and try to take down air bombs.

In case you are not able to take down air bomb, use heal spell where you think necessary. Try to use heal spell on such place that will help the next attacker too. As one attack can’t three star a base. It is all teamwork base.

Capital Hall – Level 5

Giants and Carts Army Attack

Upgrading capital peak or capital hall to level 5 will need 150,000 of capital gold. You will need good as well as active players to participate in clan capital base layout link. When capital hall is upgraded to level 5, we unlocks builder workshop district.

When builder workshop is unlocked, new troops like Skeleton Barrels and Raid carts are unlocked. Though Skeleton barrels are unlocked, we will not use them in this attack. We will use raid carts. Our army spacing will be increase from 105 to 140.

Best Clan Capital Army
  • 4 sets of Super Giants
  • 2 sets of battle rams
  • 2 sets of raid carts
  • 1 heal spell
Our final army composition and capital troops will look like this:
Clan Capital Best Army

All the attack strategies we discuss are flexible. You can have some minor changes depending upon the attack and base layout. You can have more sneaky archers or battle rams instead of giants. It is all up to you to change it or proceed without changing.

When we begin with attack, make a space for giants to proceed to defences through walls. To do this, you will need to use battle rams. When battle rams are done making a hole, lure giants and follow them with sneaky archers and raid carts. Raid carts are similar to carts in builder base, they has very high damage per second ability. Be sure to protect them.

Use the heal spell where you think necessary. According to us, heal spell must be used on the place where defence are on high alert. Use heal spell on defences like giant cannon or Tesla or wizard tower.

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