Best Clan Capital Army (3 Star Easily)

Raid Weekend Attack Strategies

Raid Weekend has already begun in a clash of clans new update of Clan Capital. In the raid event, a clan attacks rival clan’s capitals and ascends itself to victory.

Winning clan members gets capital gold which can be contributed to strengthen the clan capital districts.

With upgradation of levels of capital peak new troops and spells are unlocked. Newer troops are more powerful than previous one. At last, the mountain golem is unlocked.

It has special ability to destroy wall by just touching it. Spells used has no timing, it lasts for two battles.

But still, the districts are very hard to three star in one attack. This guide will guide you till the raid weekend and enable you to destroy as many districts possible.

Raid Weekend – Overview

In raid weekend, a clan will fight against the series of other clan’s capitals. When a clan’s capitals districts are destroyed completely, a new clan is added to a list to attack. Defeating a clan will build greater rewards.

In the raid weekend, every member of the clan will have the same number of attacks i.e.5. One extra attack can be claimed when an attacker three stars a district.

There are no other ways to get extra attacks. So be sure to use them with excellence.

Raid Weekend – Attacking

Supercell has already stated in their update, it takes more than an attack to three star a Clan Capital Base Layout Design. Usually, it takes 4-5 attacks to do so.

Attack starts from the lower districts and destroying lower districts unlocks attacking on higher. Capital Peak is the hardest district to destroy.

Damage incurred by a previous attacker lasts till future attacks. But the spell the previous attacker used lasts till the next attack only.

 Here attackers are asked to contribute to attack in such a way that it will pave an easy way for next attackers.

Raid Weekend – Rewards

Capital gold and metals are earned after attacking and defending during the raid weekend. Capital gold is credited instantly to account after attack, but the raid medals are credited once the raid weekend is over.

Raid medals are also earned on performance of clan capital’s defence performance. Therefore it is a wise decision to use the best base layout and make it hard for opponents to three stars.

Raid Weekends – Attack Strategies for Capital Peak Level 2

Attack Strategies for Capital Peak Level 2

Here are some attack strategies for Capital Peak level 2. If you are unsure how troops are unlocked, check out here.

When the capital hall is upgraded to level 2, 4 sets of army spacings are unlocked.

Clan Capital Troops are

  • Super Barbarians
  • Super Giants
  • Sneaky Archers
  • Battle Ram

Here, the best army composition is 4 Giants and 5 Sneaky Archers. This composition is for the layout without walls. But when defence is surrounded by walls, you need to take some Battle Rams. Battle Rams will open space for giants to destroy defences.

That’s great opportunity to understand Best Clan Capital Army to target 3 star in raids.

When Supergiants are lured in front of defences, sneaky archers must follow them to clean up rest buildings and support giants to destroy defences. Multi mortar is a big threat to sneaky archers.

First try to distract the mortal with some giants and destroy mortals as soon as possible. Use Battle Rams to destroy walls and send giants into the walls.

Raid Weekends – Attack Strategies for Capital Peak Level 3

Raid Weekend Attack Strategies

When Capital Peak is upgraded to level 3, super wizards are unlocked with healing spells. Here best army composition will be of 2 sets of Sneaky Archers, 3 sets of Super giants, 2 Battle Rams and 3 sets of Super Wizards with 1 healing spell.

One of the biggest threats to all troops here is the wizard tower that unlocks at this stage. To save troops from wizard towers’ damage, use healing spells.

First use battle rams to open space, use giants to distract defences, follow them with super wizards. Here use sneaky archers for clean up. Super wizards have high damage per second, be sure to protect them, either with spells or giants.

These are the most enigmatic Clan Capital Attack strategies, you can have some changes into it and go for a raid. Try to gather active participants during the whole raid weekend as there are no limits for a series of clans.

With active participants, your clan can achieve high contribution and district level’s too.

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