Windows May be Available for M1 Macs

As Windows is supporting Apple on Intel Macs, New devices with M1 Chip can only be run Mac. As a collaboration of Windows and Qualcomm is coming to end Windows could be natively available to M1 Mac Users.

According to XDA, Qualcomm had an deal with Windows to secure ARM chips available to windows support only. As this deal is about to expire, Windows is certified to distribute ARM Chips to other manufacturers.

According to sources, The Expiry date of this deal is not known, But will end very soon. Qualcomm has helped Windows in developing ARM Windows Chip. But now other Tech Giants like MediaTek are about to build ARM chips which could run Windows in that.

As the end of deal will be a good news for Mac users, As Now Apple could license Windows ARM chip support to M1 Chip.
Presently, Mac users run Windows on Mac via Virtual Machines. But Natively running Windows on Mac will enhance a better performance which will be great for gaming and professional editing.

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