US Blacklists NSO Group


US blacklists NSO Group

United States Commerce Department has added NSO group to its trade Blacklist on Monday, Saying they sold Pegasus Spyware to foreign government.
This spyware is now used to target governmental official, Journalist and Others. Commerce Department of United States has also blacklisted Positive Technologies of Russia and Computer Security Initiative Consultancy of Singapore.

US department states that this companies use Cyber tools to penetrate sensitive Data and get unauthorised access to networks. Blacklist will heavily impact this companies by restrictions on exports from US parts and restrictions on selling information of a company about their vulnerability. Suppliers will need a grant to trade with this entities.

Spokesman of US States Department said, " We are Not taking action against the Country or Government where this Corporations are located."

Recently, NSO Group and Candiru have been accused for selling their software to unauthorised regimes. But NSO has stated that they sold this to only Law enforcement and Secret Agencies to curb the Abuse.

NSO Spokesman said, US has 'Dismayed' Company even though they themselves use our technology to fight against terrorism and Curb Violence.
Israeli Defence Minister who granted NSO Exports has declined to comment on this Issue.

However, Russia based Positive Technologies Ltd. Stated, This Sanctions will not impact their business Computer Security Initiative Consultancy of Singapore has not commented till now.

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