Steam recorded 27 Million Active Users at a same time

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source: Wikipedia

Recently, Steam has broke it's concurrent player count record with over 27 Million people active at the same time.
The earlier record set has been broken by with some of external sources and factors like Black Friday, Autumn Sale and Thanksgiving festival.

Steam has disclosed it's users through their official SteamDB with having 7.8 Million user playing in game matches. This was not the first time to have such large number of gamers play. Back in March 2020 over 8.1 Million people were active in play game.

Steam has shocked their competitors through this news. Steam engine has most of popular games which made their users active. Games that led to most of active players were Counter Strike (CS:GO) with about 9,15,000 active players being at top of Steam list.
Second game was Dota 2 with 6,77,000 users. Third stood the PUBG with 3,44,000 active users.

The games like Apex legends, Halo Infinite and New World also helped Steam to have made such records. Their contribution was also major part. Meanwhile, cyberpunk 2077 has most positive rating in recent days with being global top seller game.

The festival and sale had great good impact on Steam and other games. Last few years, Thanksgiving sale was always the reason to have epic users for Steam due to its quality and service.

As Autumn Sale was also on its peak causing more and more users to play the games. Some of users who recently brought gadgets and equipment also had tested games on Steam during this sale of Black Friday and Thanksgiving.

All of this are factors responsible for 27 Million users active at particular period of time. Besides this success of Steam, Let's have look to earlier records. Steam had over 17 Million active players in November 2019, that's less of 10 Million but was surprising thing at that time.

Later on in February 2020 it had new record of 26.4 Million users active. All this things prove the strength of gaming era with lots of support from gamers of Worldwide

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