Quora Preparing For IPO in 2022

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Quora Preparing For IPO in 2022.

Quora is an Social Question-And-Answer based Website founded in June 25, 2009. Quora gain Popularity after its Search Engine Optimization Technology which helped users to Find answers to their Questions. Quora has decided to enter its IPO in 2022.

According to a Source, Quora has been hiring Investments Bankers and Lawyers. Quora estimate worth is $2 Billion, But may be double in IPO.
Source who provided this information has chose to be anonymous. Spokesperson of Quora said, "No Comments on Rumours."

According to Sources, Quora is planning to enter IPO with Record-Breaking Entry. There are many other Tech Giants who will be entering into IPO next Year Like, Stripe and Instacart. Reddit, An American News Aggregation will be entering into IPO next Year.

According to Quora's New Post, Approximately 300 Million People use Quora Every Month. Primary Source of revenue for Quora is Advertising. Besides this Quora has struggled to gain Revenue.
Therefore, It will be starting a subscription feature, Which will allow creators to charge for their content.

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