Microsoft Joins Metaverse to Launch Mesh for Teams


Microsoft Joins Metaverse to Launch Mesh for Teams

Video Conferencing platform were highest earner in pandemic as Physical Meetings were shifted to Virtual Meetings. Of which Microsoft was the highest Gainer. Microsoft had joined Metaverse to Launch Mesh for Teams.

This was announced a week after Facebook changed its name to meta. Facebook's estimate spending on Facebook Virtual Reality is about $10B.

What is Mesh for Teams ?

Mesh is an Microsoft's Virtual technology where people can hold virtual meetings using 3D Avatars and Holograms. This feature allows people to create a comfortable environment for holding virtual Meetings.

Microsoft's Teams is an Business Communication Platform which has 250 Million Active Users. Company's Technical assistance said It (Mesh) would be of a great success with 250 Million Active Users.

According to Microsoft, "Mesh for Teams – which anyone will be able to access from standard smartphones and laptops to mixed-reality headsets – is designed to make online meetings more personal, engaging and fun.

Mesh for Teams will began its introduction in first half of year 2022. Users will be given autonomy to choose own Digital Avatars. Microsoft's Project Manager said, They will use Audio cues for animating the face. There will be many other animation tools that will make bring additional expressivity to Avatar.

Kelly Added, Microsoft's AI Technologies will build a feature where we can use the camera to mimic Head and Your Mouth.

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