Mediatek Dimensity 9000 - The Most Powerful Processors?

Mediatek Dimensity 9000

MediaTek Dimensity 9000

You may wonder last we saw was MediaTek Dimensity 2000, Then How come it managed to directly jump to 9000. Well, MediaTek has made this processor too powerful which according to them is jump by 6-7 Generations.

MediaTek has announced Dimensity 9000 can overbeat Google Tensor, Apple A15 Bionic and Snapdragon 888.

Earlier MediaTek was never abled to compete with Qualcomm. But after the launch of MediaTek Helio G Series, MediaTek gained popularity. And after Mediatek Dimensity Series, It is about to become the most popular chip processor. But, If you don't know majority of smartphones use MediaTek's Processors only.

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4NM Process

The First thing to notice in MediaTek Dimensity 9000 is its 4NM Class Process. It is designed by TSMC which also manufactures Chips for Apple.

Basically 4NM is not processors, It is the size if numerous transistors which are inside Processors. 4NM is approximately same as size thickness of our hair. Smaller the transistors, Higher is the Battery efficiency, Higher is the Power.

Till now, There is no such processor which is smaller than 4NM. Therefore this is the most powerful and efficient processors till date.

One more advantage of small sized processors is less heating. But this scenario was upside down for Qualcomm Snapdragon processors. This processor used to get too heat up too early Like, OnePlus 9 Pro didn't allowed us to shoot in 4K and 60FPS for more than 5 minutes. But MediaTek Dimensity Series has slowed down heating. Though it gets heated but not at that extend which is noticeable.

Cortex X2 over 3.05 GHz

MediaTek Dimensity 9000 uses the new Armv9 architecture CPUs which will deliver us the unbeatable performance. This is 64-Bit Octa Core processors. Functions are divided into 1-3-4 type.

Of which the primary core is Cortex X2. It is more powerful than X1 which is 3.05 GHz Clocked.
Second, 3 Cores are equipped with A710 and last 4 Cores are equipped with A510. If you are unable to understand 3.05 GHz then i will just tell you AnTuTu Score. MediaTek has announced AnTuTu Score to be 10 Lakhs. This is way ahead of Qualcomm Snapdragon which is 7 Lakhs.


Mali-G710 MC10 Processing

We discussed about CPU, Now lets focus on GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). GPU must be respectable to support for Extreme Gaming Performance. Therefore, Mediatek has equipped its processors with worlds 1st Arm Mali-G710 MC10 Processing.

This means Graphics will be very much similar with Computer Graphics which is a great mark. This will definitely extend Gaming performances. If you are Extreme Gamer or Video Editor, It will support you more than anything.


We just mentioned CPUs and GPU, But now lets discuss about the thing which will show all this to us i.e. Display.

This Processor has came up with WQHD (Quad Ultra HD) display with refreshing rate of 144Hz. This is amazing. It will show us great amount of colours with amazing refreshing Power. If you watch a video on full HD then it can support till 180 Hz. This are quite high numbers.


APU (Artificial Processing Unit), As you very well know Artificial Intelligence is taking over almost everything. Therefore APU is must. According to Google, Its Tensor Chip can handle all our day-to-day processes very efficiently.

But MediaTek has taken it to next level. MediaTek Dimensity Series can provide 500% more efficiency and effectiveness and 16% more better performance than Google Tensor.


Now lets talk about most Loveable thing. You may wonder 108MP camera may be way ahead enough. But wait my dear, MediaTek provides it with 320MP Camera.

It is world's first 320MP camera with powerful 9GPixel/s ISP. It contains cameras capable of 18HDR Recording. Three cameras (32+32+32 MP) working with three exposures per frame. Camera can shoot with 8K with 24FPS.

Artificial Intelligence


Now lets talk about the offline users who really wants too big amount of RAM. According to MediaTek, The RAM frequency provided will be 7500MBPS i.e. 7,500 MB processing per Second with UPS of 3.1


As it provides with lot more features, It has 5G connectivity. If this Processors are abled to manage heating then there no doubt to say this are most powerful Processors.


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