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What is COP?

COP stands for Conference of Parties, Which is an annual meeting of almost 200 countries to avoid Climate Change. COP was formed in 1995, This year summit marks 26 Years therefore named as COP26. COP26 started on 31st October and will be held till Nov. 12th.

Here one question arises Why COP? As we already have a Paris Agreement. Under Paris Agreement of 2015 all countries agreed to step towards keeping Global Warming below 2°C.

Under Paris Agreement, Countries meet after every 5 Years. In Paris, Countries agreed to meet every 5 years with new fresh targets. But 2020 pandemic prevented them from meeting.

So, at COP26 met-up to publish their net emission targets. But Current Targets are not adequate to achieve temperature of 1.5°C. Current targets will lead to a rise in temperature of 2°C by the end of the century.
At this rate only 7.5% reduction in emissions is predicted till 2030. While 55% emission reduction is needed to achieve target of 1.5°C.

Features of COP

Goals of COP

  • To Secure world by net zero emission and keep temperature below 1.5°C
  • Protect Communities and Natural Habitats
  • Mobilise Finances
  • Be and Work Together.

COP26 had 25,000 Delegates with Funding of $100 Billion by wealthy Nations. 140 Countries have submitted 140 NDC (Nationally Determined Contributions.)

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