DDR4 vs DDR5 - A Beginners Guide to Find Memory


DDR4 vs DDR5 - A Beginners Guide

This is a Guide from Scratch which will give you a idea for your informed decision about choosing the right Memory. This Article will cover Differences between DDR5 and DDR4, Should You upgrade to New version and Major Performance Differences between the Two.

Differences - DDR5 and DDR4

DDR5 is completely different product than DDR4. Though both looks same in aspects of Pin Count and Size But Notch Placement has been moved. This means DDR5 will not fit in DDR4 Slot.

DDR5 promises the bigger, better and faster performance than DDR4. DDR5 can run at a way high speed compared to DDR4. DDR4 is mostly available in 32GB while only a few available in 64GB. while DDRA5 is available in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB too.

But the problem is your CPU must support 256GB DDR5. Most of the Pcs support 128GB at Maximum. But in Performance, High-end DDR4 can beat DDR5. Yes, DDR4 can defeat DDR5.

In DDR5, We can see Modules to go from 4,400 to 8,000+ Mega Transfers while in DDR4, We can see Mega Transfers of 1,600 to 5,200. Don't Think that DDR5's latest frequencies will solely defeat DDR4.

There are many technical developments in DDR4 that have lead to creation of DDR5 like, Channel Architecture has changed completely, Bursts Lengths have made longer and many other small changes.

There are some misconceptions about DDR5 like You may have heard DDR5 contains ECC ( Error Correction Code ), But this can be better understood by DDR4. In ECC, Error is corrected once in Memory and then again in CPU. But Next generation is able to solve error in Memory Alone. This is called ODECC or One Die Error Correction Code.

If data gets messed up between Memory and CPU then You're out of luck. But this issue is solved by new CPUs which have better ECC equipped. But in early developed devices, It is not there.

DDR5 has seen a considerable development in Modules. DDR5 need 1.1 Volts of energy to achieve the speed of 4,800 Mega Transfers which earlier in DDR4 was 1.5 Volts for 4,800.

Now You might wonder, Less energy is equal to less temperature, Right ? But no, By comparison both Memories end up Producing same amount of heat. With some comparisons set by professionals, DDR5 has not able beat to beat DDR4 in Gaming Benchmark.

DDR4 vs DDR5

What's Best Memory Right Now ?

If you are thinking to upgrade to DDR5 right now then Stop. There no much difference in performance if DDR5 and DDR4. When they launched DDR4 (which also barely edged out DDR3) Many of us bought it in first week. Which cost them $600. But later same price dropped to less than a quarter of it.

So Don't rush now for buying DDR5 as its performance is quite same as that of DDR4. Wait till price drop or wait till launch of DDR6 which will be definitely beating DDR4 in every aspect.

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