Cryptocurrency hits market cap $3 Trillion

Crypto Currency

Cryptocurrencies Hits Market Cap of $3 Trillion.

On Tuesday 9th November, Cryptocurrencies have hit market cap of $3 Trillion as Bitcoin and Ethereum has emerged as the two largest Cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin surged more than 6% reaching price to $67,581.86, While Ethereum saw rise of more than 3.5% reaching price to $4,789.

Since November 2020, Cryptocurrencies has grown exponentially. In last November Market Cap of Cryptocurrencies was $578 Billion.

Solana is the highest gainer in last 7 days which surged by 20%.
Binance Coin surged by 19.3% while Elon Musk's Dogecoin has raised by 5%.

According to Fortune, Payment Technology Giant MasterCard has declared its collaboration with Crypto Based company.
Which will launch Crypto-Linked Credit Cards, Debit cards and Pre-paid Cards which will allow users to convert their Cryptocurrencies to governmental currencies.

Researchers have been wondering the reason for increase in demand. Some theories says that the need for assets be one of the reason for it. Bitcoin is up by 120% and Ethereum has been rised by 550%

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