Cottagecore Minecraft House

Cottagecore Minecraft House

Cottagecore Minecraft House

Minecraft is 3D game based on idea of block to build and create stuff without any limitations except your imagination. Similarly Minecraft also provide tools to build houses. The only thing is to have good imaginative and creative ideas to make your house look pretty and beautiful.

Although in Minecraft we can build different types of houses like Modern house, simple house , pretty house or large house. We here in this post will get idea about Cottagecore Minecraft ideas to build house.

To build perfect and amazing Cottagecore house, you must be familiar with word Cottagecore which means using flowers, cottages and other essential tools to make look cute and pretty with simple and large house. After understanding what cottagecore means now lets move to ideas to build such Cottagecore houses. 

Cottagecore Houses

Cottagecore Minecraft House

Using Cottages itself defines the house as Cottagecore building house. So get ready to use plenty of cottages. Like other houses, using base of square or rectangle is simple but good looking shape house. Using stone or wooden blocks will help give its natural look of house.

The part which determine it is Cottagecore house is its look with cottages and cute structure.  Making roof of simple slope is best to represent it as house.  Flowers on top floor or garden beside house with mountain behind as scenery with decoration on walls of house makes Cottagecore house one of popular house.

Here are some pictures of cottagecore houses with different ideas to definitely try out. Cottagecore looks more beautiful when you have dual or double floor with zig-zag structure like house having torches on top of house to glow in dark nights.

Having fence around house not only protects you but makes you have your own house best place to live ever. Cottagecore houses nearly are same with cottages but finest art of creativity is more important factor for building any houses. The more creative you are, more ideal ways and ideas can be made into reality in Minecraft. 
Cottagecore Minecraft House

Survival cottagecore house is meant to look cute and protect you and survive easily from mobs and zombies. Preventing mobs spawn around your area is done by using torches or glowing blocks or using border of water or lava.

This not only makes you survive day and night but enrich glory of house in cottagecore. So house ideas are really fun if you have imagination to build it.

Minecraft house ideas differ from house types to types but being most beloved houses, Cottagecore houses are still on top of chart for player who want to make it look cute and prettier than before with lots of space for stuff. Farming and mining are also important factors for building houses.

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